System Requirements

We recommend a minimum connection speed of 1.5Mbps. This is usually available on most home and hospital computers. In the rare event that your computer does not show the video within a few seconds, it is advisable to wait for the video to upload. Pressing the pause button to allow the video to completely upload is another way to view the video smoothly.

Standard Definition Video

We are currently displaying all videos in Standard Definition format by default. Your video may pause if you have an internet connection slower than 1.5Mbps.

System recommendations

In order to gain the best experience from the Psych Interview website and videos we recommend that you access the website using either a desktop or laptop computer. The site can be accessed via an iPhone or iPad however; we recommend a big screen experience. The following system characteristics are recommended:

  • Late model desktop or laptop computer running the latest version of your preferred web browser software such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome or Safari
  • Web browser running the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. We recommend Flash Player version 10+
  • Internet connection capable of delivering download speeds of at least 1.5Mbps per second
  • Cookies and JavaScript must be enabled on your web browser software

You acknowledge the above mentioned system requirements and agree that if your used system does not fulfil these requirements you accept any interruptions or errors in the viewing of the Psych Interview website and its video/text content.